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Our Vision

"Enhancing the community life of the people of our division through providing a productive and quality service.

Our Mission

"Upliftment of community life in the area through an efficient, sustainable and planned process with the provision of services, participation of the people, resource coordination and public participation in line with government policies."


                        We, Srilankans have inherited an unparalleled and prestige history with unique behavioral patterns, language patterns, spelling patterns and food patterns which cannot be compared with other countries in the world. And also we are fortunate to have the bless of wonderful mother nature of our country.

With the legacy of the sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha, the kingdoms of Srilanka migrated several areas time to time. The Kurunegala kingdom has a special place among them and the history of the Kingdom of Karunagala is composed of the story of Rama Ravana, Vijayawatharana and the settlement procession in the country.

In such a background, Ganewatta Divisional Secretariat division can be considered as a place that adds a high historical value to Kurunegala district and also a place which exists with great pride. From Vijaya's arrival, among the areas where human settlements have been established, Ganewatta Divisional Secretariat division has contributed a lot to continue creating the system of human settlements.  

This area is mainly consisted with an agro-economy and it is based on drainage basins such as Daduru Oya basin and Bathalagoda reservoirs. Further, this area is rich with literary and art fields and people live in mutual harmony as well.                          

  • Location

          Ganewatta Division is situated in the eastern part of Kurunegala district. The boundaries of the division as follows. From North - Mahawa DS Division, Kimbulwana Oya and Hakwatunu Oya From East - Kimbulwana Oya and Ibbagamuwa Pradeshiya Sabha Division From South and West - Deduru Oya  The absolute location is located between northern grid number 263-283 and east grid number 145-165. The area is 149.74 sq.km. (149741 hectares).

  • Electorate

Ganewatta divisional secretariat division entirely belongs to Hiriyala electorate and to the Ibbagamuwa Pradeshiya Sabha area regarding the local government affairs. However, there are two sub divisions in the Pradeshiya Sabha for the convenience of the work. They are sub Offices of Hiripitiya and Kumbukgete. The Kumbukgate sub office is comprised of 12 Grama Niladhari divisions in the Eastern and Northern parts and the other 30 Grama Niladhari Divisions are controlled by Hiripitiya sub office.

  • Police areas

In addition, police stations in Kumbukgete and Wellawa are on duty in the process of protecting the division. 14 Grama Niladhari divisions belong to the Kumbukgate police station and the other 28 Grama Niladhari divisions belong to the Wellawa police station.

  • Historical Background

        In this division, Buddhist and other religious places, schools, state institutions have been distributed for the sake of public in the area. Accordingly, 43 Buddhist temples, 7 mosques, 2 churches, 6 principal schools and 19 state institutions have been established in the division. In addition, in this area the indigenous doctors who have contributed to the world by the local medicine have been doing their best to give a valuable service to the people of this country since the Rama Ravana era.

The value of Ganewatta division is thoroughly revealed by historical books. We inherit a long history which runs to pre historical era. There are sufficient evidences that Yaksha, Naga tribes had their pre settlements at Daduru oya bank and ancient tombs and information regarding use of iron are real evidences for their permanent resident in this area.    

In addition, Dolukanda, which consists of rare medicine that brought from Himalaya by Hanumantha to treat to injured in Rama Ravana war, exists with great glory adding a high historical value to this area. And also, it is said that prince Vijaya was suffering from a leprosy disease and was living in Dolukanda looking at kuveni as he loved her so much. It is said that a rock was placed on another rock to make similar height to Dolukanda and Kuveni was living there to keep her eye contact with prince vijaya. That rock was known as the Kuveni rock. The villege ‘Neriyawa’ also reveals historical information. And also in this story of Vijaya Kuveni, a place was known as ‘Sirasawaththupura’ and now it is known as ‘hiripitiya’. The place where prince vijaya defeated ‘yaksha’ tribe with the help of Kuweni, was known as ‘gana watta’ and later it was changed to ‘Ganewatte’. The villege name ‘Hindawewa’ also has been derived from the meaning of ‘his sinda wu wewa’.

In addition, it was said that king Pandukabhaya with his army was engaged in the battle with his blood relatives and after the battle the swords with blood were washed in a lake in this area and that lake was known as ‘Nasagala'. The place where king Pandukabhaya celebrated his victory with his army was known as ‘Jayapagama’ and it is now known as 'Jahapagama'.

King Valagamba had been defeated by enemies and was hiding near Ganewaththa for 12 years. It is said that Maha Thissa thero, who helped the king, was living in the cave of the Ganewatte Raja Maha Viharaya

          Historical places in the division,

  • Arankelle Aranya Senasanaya
  • Ranigirilena Viharaya
  • Rankoth Aranya Senasanaya
  • Kalatuwagama Purana Rajamaha Viharaya
  • Kasagala Purana Rajamaha Viharaya
  • Sri Sumangalaramaya - Gane Viharaya
  • Kandegama Purana Rajamaha Viharaya
  • Wadakahgala Viharaya
  • Pathahamulla Raja Maha Viharaya
  • Kahatagaswala Rajamaha Viharaya
  • Combuwa Rajamaha Viharaya
  • Sappayamgala Viharaya
  • Weralagala Raja Maha Viharaya
  • Weragala Purana Rajamaha Viharaya
  • Doḷukanda

Ganewatte as Divisional Secretariat Divisions .........

Ganewatte Divisional Secretariat is situated in the Kurunegala District in the North Western Province and consists of 42 Grama Niladari Divisions. All Grama Niladari Divisions of the Ganewatte Divisional Secretariat area were initially belonging to the Ibbagamuwa Divisional Secretariat area and for the purpose of administrative convenience, in 1990, it was divided into two Divisional Secretariats as Ibbagamuwa and Ganewatta.

The first Divisional Secretary of Ganewatta is Mr.H.M.Gunathilaka and Mrs. R.N.N.L.Karunaratne is the current Divisional Secretary.

These are the Divisional Secretaries of Ganewatta Divisional Secretariat who contributed to enhance the development of the area up to now.

1 Mr H.M. Gunathilaka  
2 Mr Jayantha Wijerathna 1990-1995
3 Mr S.P. Jayathilaka 1995-1998
4 Mr W.M.Wanninayaka 1998-2000
5 Mr M.A. S. Maithreerathna 2000-2002
6 Mr H.M. Thilakabandara 2002-2011
7 Mr D.P.C Udayakumara 2011-2017
8 Mrs R.N.N.L.Karunarathna  2017-Up to now



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